Quick Tour

Use Movie Director to create cool video messages, called muvees.

muvees are short, edited video clips with music and text themed by a unique style or muveeStyle.

Every muveeStyle has its own theme, cuts, music, opening and closing text.

muvees created can be sent via MMS and Bluetooth.

Creating a muvee

Use Quick muvee to quickly create a muvee.

Alternatively, use Custom muvee to select your videos, images and music clips.

You can also customise the opening and closing text of your muvee.

Once done, create your muvee by selecting
Options > Create muvee > Multimedia Message

Preview your muvee and save it by selecting
Options > Save

Sharing your muvee

After saving, send and share your muvee via MMS or Bluetooth at the muvee list.